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Photograph of an American Kestrel landing on a tree branch. Photograph by Richard Pavek.

Title: Wavecrest—One of the last undeveloped areas within the boundary of urban Half Moon Bay and the single most important site on the San Mateo Coast for wintering raptors 

Main Text: In 2008, Peninsula Open Space Trust (also known as POST) purchased 206-acre Wavecrest, one of the last undeveloped properties nestled at the southern boundary of urban Half Moon Bay. In September 2011, the California State Coastal Conservancy approved a grant to the Coastside Land Trust ( also known as CLT) to purchase 50 acres of Wavecrest and oversee the creation of “The Bird Trail,” a 1/3-mile stretch of the California Coastal Trail.

Wavecrest is the single most important site on the San Mateo Coast for wintering raptors, which can be seen hunting in the property’s broad fields. Raptors and other species rely on its expansive grasslands, wetland areas and roosting sites, all of which are an integral part of the coast’s ecological health. 

POST is proud to partner with The Coastal Conservancy, Coastside Land Trust and San Mateo County Parks for the permanent protection of Wavecrest. 

Photo descriptions: A large aerial photograph that shows the path of the Bird Trail at Wavecrest. The path meanders along the coast's bluffs. The aerial photo shows that there are three more interpretative signs along the path. This sign is on the north end of the trail. If you head south, the signs are in this order: first - A Changing Landscape, second - Migration All Around You, third - Plant Fluctuations.

Underneath the aerial photograph are six photos of six different birds: Juvenile Northern Harrier photo by Richard Pavek, White-tailed Kite photo by Rani Ferreira, Savannah Sparrow photo by Monty Swiryn, Barn Owl photo by Bruce Finocchio , Red-tailed hawk photo by Darin Boville , Purple finch by Alvaro Jamarillo . 

Text: Wavecrest is protected in perpetuity thanks to a leadership gift from Steve Blank and Alison Elliott

We are grateful to the following generous supporters: 

Janet and David Bingham

Wilson and Sue Cooper

Eric and Susan Dunn

Catherine Kruttschnitt

Peter and Sue LaTourrette

Mellam Family Foundation

Eve and John Melton

Ralph L. Smith Foundation

Evelyn Tilden Mohrhardt Trust of The San Francisco Foundation 

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