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The San Mateo Coastside is defined by its dramatic bluffs, vibrant communities, working farmlands, and stunning open space. Coastside Land Trust is dedicated to preserving these unparalleled natural historical, and scenic resources for all to enjoy.

In addition to a number of unique natural resources, the San Mateo County coast is home to nearly 30,000 people (2000 US Census figures) in the small coastal communities of Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Miramar, Moss Beach, Princeton-by-the-Sea, and Montara.

Urban open space and working farmlands are irreplaceable parts of the coast’s allure. Residents, visitors, and regional businesses all depend upon the health of the Coastside and its natural resources — the breathtaking views, parks, trails, open space, and clean water we often take for granted.

But population and development pressures are increasing. By 2020, ABAG projects that population in this region will grow by 50% — greater than almost anywhere else in the county. This will bring traffic congestion, diminishing water quality and unprecedented development pressures. The open lands and natural resources we cherish are quickly disappearing.

The Coastside Land Trust is dedicated to protecting the urban open space of the San Mateo County coast, for enjoyment now and for generations to come. With your help, we safeguard scenic bluffs, open space, stream corridors and agricultural lands from the southern city limits of Half Moon Bay north through the community of Montara in San Mateo County.